Better You – [Ariaa]

“It’s so cold it feel like it’s a Winter mood.” Not only is this one of the first lines of Ariaa’s latest track titled, “Better You,” but I also think it pertains perfectly to my initial reaction to the song itself. This COLD track is only two minutes long, but in that two minutes, Ariaa found a way to make me a fan, and quickly. The Waco, TX native’s flawless flow and wavy vocals consume the listener immediately and draw you in for the remainder of the track and further into his library. Though comparisons are not often what artists love to hear, I couldn’t help think of some of my favorite and most-listened-to R&B creators when I heard Ariaa’s work.

“Better You” was released 20 days ago and has racked up 8,000 + views in that short time. An impressive number that is, I also think it’s logical and fair to say that the stream count will increase heavily and Ariaa will continue to gain steam as a musician on any platform he chooses to use.

Stream “Better You” below!