Best You Had – [Don Toliver]

Some tracks have an odd way of instantaneously making you move as soon as you press play. That is definitely the case with Don Toliver’s engaging single, “Best You Had.” If his flow over a soothing acoustic guitar-based instrumental isn’t enough to get you up and jiving, his uniquely high-pitched voice and falsetto will. Toliver consistently throughout the piece refers to struggles in show business with drugs, money and women. “Outta my mind been lately, too much money can’t make me.”

In August of 2018, the Houston native released his first project, Donny Womack which racked up nearly 1M streams on Soundcloud. Shortly after, he appeared in Travis Scott’s Astroworld, in the song “Can’t Say.” Immediately following his feature with Scott, Toliver then signed to his label Cactus Jack Records. Since, Toliver has stayed low-key until the release of “Best You Had” early last month, which has collected nearly 500k streams in that short period. If it’s any indication as what is to come from Toliver, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Stream “Best You Had” below!