Best Friend – [Dusty Locane] ft. [8anditt]

Although there are countless artists emerging out of the constantly growing New York City rap scene, there are a few names that are clearly more notable than others. One name is Dusty Locane, an artist from the streets of Canarsie who has been putting on for his city as hard, if not harder, than anyone else representing the same blocks. What I think helps his notoriety is the fact that his voice resembles that of the late Pop Smoke who people clearly love, and Dusty is doing his part to make sure to keep not only his legacy alive, but the music scene in the city alive and well also.

Most recently, he teamed up with 8anditt, who is signed to Dusty’s imprint 95MM, for their song “Best Friend”, and the results speak for themselves. Teaming up with HitmanAudio on the beat once again, this track is an all-out hit, yet I couldn’t let the GoddyGoddy-directed visual go by the wayside. The dup makes this a neighborhood affair, bringing out all their homies and all of their homies’ homies to join them in the streets of Canarsie to prove that they’re not only taking over the town, but they’re taking over the world. Whether they’re hanging out at a block party, riding ATVs near the Kosciuszko Bridge, or casually showcasing their plethora of exotic cars, the dynamic duo makes sure that they’re surrounded by a massive group of countless friends and lovely ladies, proving that if you didn’t already believe that they were next up, you know now.

While Dusty Locane has been on a hot streak of dropping hit after hit, this is just another addition to his arsenal of bangers that is constantly growing and evolving. While his skills are always on full display, I feel like the more music he releases, the more individualistic he proves himself to be and the closer he gets to his final form which is going to be impossible to ignore, even if you somehow proactively tried, for whatever reason. Due to this, Dusty Locane has become an artist I have grown fonder and fonder of over the past few months, and I’m excited to see what he has in store for the future. “Best Friend” is the name of his latest track, so make sure you peep that and the awesome music video that accompanies it as well as soon as you get the chance.