Bemidji – [Tropes] + [d0llywood1]

As more and more faces begin to make their mark within the rising digicore scene, the cast of sounds, styles, and overall talent never takes a moment to slow down. This outlook has effectively been exemplified as of late by the immense work done by Tropes — perhaps the scene’s most exhilarating breakout talent thus far in 2021.

The PlanetZero and Graveem1nd mainstay has spent this year either constructing or contributing to some of its biggest and best hits yet, and it is quite easy to see why considering their commanding vocal presence and natural sense of modern pop cues that have driven their artistry to the heightened point it is at now. 

The latest of these smashes has come in the form of “Bemidji” — a collaborative offering with scene veteran d0llywood1. Because Dolly seems to have incredible chemistry with just about anyone and everyone she works with, it makes sense as to why this combination works as well as one would imagine. Tropes is on as blistering of a hot streak as it gets right now, and this is essentially her way of cementing this rise via her own contributions.

These two are given the most optimal space for their styles to clash via this dltzk-produced instrumental. Tropes’ close contemporary in both of their collectives can do just about anything behind the boards, and when it comes to matching the style these two can find solace in, they did so with all the grace in the world. This is one of the most enthralling beats of the year thus far, riddled with an innumerable amount of synth riffs all cloaked in a cast of distortion throughout. 

Tropes puts their unique artistry on full display within every single second of their performance here, coming through with a hook that is among their most gripping refrains yet. It works so well based on how much passion they place into each inflection, creating a moment that stands out for its unique nature just as much as it does its baseline effectiveness. The same can be said for their following verse, one that is fit with some memorable one-liners and a superb flow.

Dolly’s performance here is predictably outstanding — a claim mostly resulting from how much she switches up her style to fit the beat and/or main artist on each of her guest performances. This time she comes through with a rhythmically-dense verse that spends all of its time swaying with the beat in a fascinatingly effective manner. It truly proves her versatility as being matched by just about no one else, as this type of showing could very well not have been done on any other track but this one. 

Beyond what either of these two accomplished here in their own right, this track as a whole stands alone as one of the year’s best, simply put. It provides the apex of Tropes’ magnificent rise to prominence within this scene, while also gaining the useful benefit of an always-momentous Dolly collaboration in the process. It sets the bar quite high, but not high enough for these two superstars-in-the-making to top with ease.