Behind The Lens: Apex Vision

While we always give credit to the artist, it’s the individual behind the lens who brings an idea to life. Brooklyn’s very own Apex of Apex Visions retains complete command of her craft and its vision. Her work, however, goes beyond simply capturing the people in her frame. Her distinct style emerged, garnering national and even international recognition. Best known for being the late Pop Smoke’s photographer, she built a bond with the breakout star and even designed the cover for his debut album, Meet The Woo! As February 19th marks the third anniversary of Pop Smoke’s death, APEX work comes to mind when you think of the memories she captured as the Canarise rapper rose to fame. She has a gift for capturing artists at their most vulnerable moments which makes her work a chronicle of hip-hop like no other. Furthermore, her work is a reflection of the culture that gave birth to a musical community unlike any other.

Many still recognize her work from her iconic portraits of Hip-Hop heavyweights like Fabolous, G Herbo, Ice Spice, Coi Leray, King Combs, and many more. When she is not photographing artists on tour, she is capturing memorable moments that become legendary. Apex has a way of gaining the trust of the musicians and celebrities she photographs. Her personality is humble, but she is driven by her methods and most importantly — Hip-Hop. Her resume speaks for itself as the list goes on. At the height of her career, proving a point just like the fitting vision and name, Apex is just that. Capitalizing on her craft and perfecting her passion, Apex has positioned herself as Hip-Hop’s hottest photographer in the game! If you see a picture of your favorite musician trailblazing through the internet or trending on Instagram – you can bet Apex was the vision behind it.