Before the War – [Diablo] ft. [Lil Xan] & [Lil Wop]

Diablo has always been one of my favorite producers for good reason. His adaptability is uncanny considering he has provided countless beats for an entire plethora of different artists. He doesn’t box himself into one style or sound but rather spreads himself thin enough to give listeners a taste of all his aptitudes without compromising his talent and skills. Due to this dexterity, he has produced hit after hit for so many different rappers it’s unbelievable, and the number of different sounds he has brought to life throughout the years is enough to make your head spin.

For his latest loosie, he took to SoundCloud to deliver a brand-new record entitled “Before the War” featuring Lil Xan and Lil Wop. It has been so long since I last tuned into a Lil Xan song, not because I hate on him by any means and I respect his work unbelievably, I just got away from him in recent years. I knew my abandonment had to come to an end in order to hear him on the Diablo-produced track, but I got even more excited to hear what he would sound like next to Lil Wop because he’s one of the most unique artists in the entire industry.

Diablo begins the production with mysteriously shadowy synths that come together with crisp percussion and sharp drums that give the two rappers a solid foundation to go in on. Xan only takes the hook, but he makes a lasting impression in your mind with his unique flows and easily interpreted lyrics. His delivery is hesitant as he speaks chopped up lines that couple with the instrumental flawlessly as he nonchalantly moseys his way into Wop’s verse.

As Wop comes in, he begins extremely quiet, almost whispering as his trademark rasp is in full effect. For the first half, the beat simplifies and quiets down to allow Wop’s words to come through unaffected, but eventually, the drums come in and provide even more power, prompting Wop to elevate the volume of his voice slightly as to not get drowned out too heavily.

Wop’s flows rotate as he switches things up throughout this portion, sometimes alluding to the hook while during other moments, he quickens or slows his speech and his words are always emphasized by the captivating ad-libs that finish off almost every line. His underworld, demonic sound is a perfect fit over this gritty, felonious production, and it just ties everything together incredibly. All in all, the tempo of this song is pretty relaxed and unhurried, leading to a calm banger that is a perfect listen during this Halloween season.

I’m not sure if I’ve been missing tons of new Lil Xan music due to my own ignorance or if he himself has been quiet recently, but either way, his addition to this track was unique yet notable because he creates a perfect chorus that is sure to get stuck in any listener’s head. Lil Wop’s dark delivery and granular voice are beyond individualistic and although I have noticed it before, it is legitimately the perfect sound for a dark, spooky night as we near Halloween. This record could be played at any backyard bonfire or haunted house and it’s sure to put people on edge in the best possible way, so it’s definitely a track you’re not going to miss out on as we approach the middle of this spooky season. “Before the War” is definitely a song you need to check out as soon as you can, so I highly recommend doing so below.