Before I Go – [Mimi Webb]

A pop ballad can be hit or miss, and it depends purely on an artist’s voice whether or not it gets pulled off successfully. Rising UK singer/songwriter Mimi Webb demonstrates she’s capable of ballad-level success on her stellar and emotionally wrecking new single, “Before I Go”. The song, which has already gotten traction thanks to TikTok phenom Charli D’Amelio, picks up even more steam today with a music video worthy of its emotional depth.

Tremendous vocal performance aside, 19-year-old Webb embodies the melodramatic peaks of this record with the poise of a veteran pop star. She sings in unison with orchestra string arrangements and booming percussion, reaching a level of rawness that feels genuine and unrestrained. As the song’s lyrics speak to the feeling of lingering on to the last fragments of a relationship, the video shows Webb going on a literal drive down memory lane. Flanked by picturesque scenes of couples in love with each other, the visual of Webb passing by these honeymoon vignettes at sunset makes for a powerful accompaniment that plays off the song’s theme in a clever, unexpected way.

Watch the video for Mimi Webb’s soon-to-be hit “Before I Go” below, and keep an eye out for her debut EP in the near future.