Before I Die, I Want You to Know – [Kill Nigel]

The presence of authentic emotion, oftentimes detailed in the face of struggle, is usually the factor of a given piece of music that makes it connect with listeners. Such is the case with CA-based artist, Kill Nigel, and his latest album, Before I Die, I Want You to Know. Just as the title entails, this reflective, 11-track offering explores the trial and tribulations of the rising talent’s life, presenting them in a genuine light that removes the filter between the artist and his music as Nigel offers up an unfiltered look into his mind. Features from HXLT, Salma Slims, J $tash, Kid Buu, and Tish Hyman complement this heartbreaking honesty, and all in all, this album is an incredibly cohesive, introspective piece that transcends the words of a simple blog post. Kill Nigel put together something incredibly important, so I’ll let the music speak for itself on this one. Listen to Before I Die, I Want You to Know at the link below and follow Nigel on Twitter here!