Beep Beep – [Neggy Gemmy]

With the release of her new single “Beep Beep” this week, I have come to the realization that Neggy Gemmy (fka Negative Gemini) and I have something in common: we both love to drive. We’re a rare breed in Los Angeles, especially when our drivers are known to be exceptionally reckless, irresponsible, and inconsiderate of others. I’m here today to confirm all of the above, and nothing proves this point like “Beep Beep”, a fun and futuristic house track perfect for swan diving down the 405. Over pulsating bass loops and ambient pads, Neggy Gemmy demystifies LA’s sacred affinity for road rage with the fated line “Beep Beep, get out of my way”. Known for her forward-thinking electro-pop bangers, Neggy Gemmy’s newest release is a love letter to energetic club bangers and saying ‘oopsies’ when totaling your car. Like she says on her 2021 anthem “California”, “You’re saying slow down / but I just wanna go fast” – and between these two singles, I’m crossing my fingers that her third LP is close on the horizon. Until then, if you happen to see either of us driving around the city, you’d be wise to move out of the way.

Check out Neggy Gemmy’s “Beep Beep” below: