Been Lost – [Elais Park] & [Jono]

Elais Park and Jono may have “Been Lost” but with a unique vibe, I’m happy we found ’em.

Both newcomers to the booth, Park and Jono make a strong first impression, showcasing their creativity on this left of the center, video-assisted offering.

Set off by the swirling production “Been Lost” has a dense, almost hypnotic feel to it. Even with an eccentric, off-kilter vibe, Elais and Jono do a great job of fitting in with the energy, both donning a staggering, stream of consciousness-esque approach; even with no set structure or scheme, the track has a fluid feel to it.  The visuals (directed by Nikoli Partiyeli), naturally, place the two “explorers” in the elements, echoing the sense of humor and oddly charming charisma they bring on the track.

For more from both of these emcees, I recommend Jono’s “Numb” and Elais’ Warmest Regards project.