beem – [916frosty] [ILYMAX] [Zcxr]

One thing is for certain, 2020 marked a major shift in music. There’s a number of ways this can be interpreted, but the dramatic rise of formerly niche genres like hyperpop and digicore has seemingly exploded with a high percentage of teens spending a majority of their time on the internet. 916frosty has always been an artist at the forefront of this digitized new sound, however, he recently just made his first foray into digicore.

Teaming up with ILYMAX and Zcxr, 916frosty’s new track “beem” has him leaning fully into the new genre that seems to fit his vocals perfectly. If you’ve been a fan of frosty then you know he has always been an artist to stay private but there’s no doubt he has been putting in work lately. The glitched-out song features stellar verses from ILYMAX, Zcxr, and 916frosty who all are artists you should be paying close attention to if you’re into this quickly growing subgenre.

Hopefully, this year sees 916frosty getting more experimental with the music he makes. His voice has become iconic, a lot of artists coming out now probably were influenced by his approach to music so to see him now testing the waters in these new territories is exciting to say the least.

Steam “beem” on all platforms here!

Produced by Decicco Beats & yammy612