Beautiful – [Camden Premo] x [JohnBorn]

When it comes to the music we turn up too, it’s often difficult to find songs and artists that are capable of maintaining both their originality and hype. Obviously, if it was easy, every artist would do it. Fortunately, rapper Camden Premo makes it look easy.

The emcee’s most recent offering, “Beautiful,” which was co-released with fellow rapper JohnBorn, is a cross breed of Future, Kevin Gates, and Playboi Carti. With his deep tone, Camden finesses and seamlessly controls the entire energy of the track, while JohnBorn comes in with a distinct voice that brings the track to an even higher level of energy.

“Beautiful” is as hype as it gets. From the production down to both rappers’ performances, the song is electric and has the potential to blow up at any moment.

With more on the way, make sure to follow Camden Premo and listen to “Beautiful” here:

Words by Barry R