Beautiful – [Archy Moor] x [Jgrrey] x [Earl Saga] x [MIKEWAVVS]

Nigerian born and Dublin based artist Archy Moor returns from a 2-year hiatus in style with a glorious new release titled “Beautiful.” Co-produced by UK producer Earl Saga and LA-based producer MIKEWAVVS, the song serves as Moor’s return single from his [upcoming] debut EP entitled Bonnie Hill. The brief surprise vocal snippet from Jgrrey announces the anticipated world Archy has been crafting within his project. As for the lyrics, they’re introspectively centered around Moor’s time off musically, which provided moments of self-reflection along his rewarding, yet tumultuous career to date. Astonishingly, Archy is just 21 years of age today, which speaks to the levels of immersive talent and creative potential that remains to be explored. If you’re a fan of fellow Dublin artist Rejjie Snow, you’ll absolutely love this bar-filled offering with epic layers of high-end production. “Beautiful” is only the beginning of Archy Moor’s busy comeback era, which you can listen to below!