Beat Em Down – [E The Profit]

E The Profit has been on my radar for quite some time, and even though the one homie was persistent enough to tell me about the moves he has been making early on, I have since heard about him from a handful of others who truly believe in him, and there are so many reasons why he is making the waves that he is.

Even though he has less than 20 songs total on streaming services right now which makes him still a relative newcomer, these songs pack a punch and give us all we need to know about the up-and-comer’s skillset, and with a project dropping in April, I’m sure that there is plenty more to learn and appreciate from the Kentucky native.

In order to build even more momentum going into this tape’s release, E teamed up with directors Jordan Phillips and Ethan Dickens to shoot a music video for his second single entitled “Beat Em Down” which was produced by Rocco Roy. With an old Three 6 Mafia-sounding sample that collides with thunderous 808s, E comes in with his aggressive yet mesmerizing attitude that compliments his deep, buttery flow amazingly.

In the visual, he takes his talents to an autobody shop where he does some work on various cars, gliding around on the ground after fixing the undercarriage of a vehicle and checking everyone else’s work, proving that he’s the man in charge, and that’s not something that you’ll be quick to forget after hearing the conviction behind his cadences.

Although there’s no blunt smoking, weapon flashing, or other typical rap video staples, this visual does an impeccable job of letting E’s song shine by giving us some super clean footage to enjoy while listening, making it yet another single from the Kentucky phenom that you’re going to want to get in tune with ASAP as we get closer to the release of his forthcoming project.