Beat Down Yo Block – Jaytovxn

Every week I stumble upon talent on Tik-Tok that captures my attention. Jaytovxn is my latest victim of the week. As someone who loves music that comes out of Atlanta, lately, I have been enjoying hearing music more from Texas artists. His Southern accent and hypnotizing flow are the reasons why I enjoyed listening to his latest track “Beat Down Yo Block “.

Monaleo was the original creator of the “Beat Down Yo Block” last April. However, Jaytovxn decided to put his own Southern twist on this track and now I can’t stop playing his version.

“The original song was so good. This was a last minute suggestion from my cousin. They gave me the incentive to change the song for the music video, one day before the video shoot,” he explained.

It was quite impressive to find out that Jaytovxn wrote and recorded the remix in only 30 minutes. He spent the remainder of the day mixing the audio alone.

The visuals for this track were directed by Kadefresco. If you enjoyed listening to snippets of this song from Tik-Tok, watching the “Beat Down Yo Block “ video might make you enjoy it even more. The video starts with Jaytovxn rapping his bars sitting on a throne. But, my favorite part was him sitting down in the middle of a room that was filled with clouds and flashing green lights surrounding him. If you saw the video to the original song, it was very playful and all about everyone in the video having fun. On the flipside, Jaytovxn and his punchlines are the center of attention. I appreciated seeing him as the focal point for the video.

This year, Jaytovxn hopes to take a more serious approach toward his music.

“Growing up in Texas shaped me into who I am now. The open space, diverse people, and culture inspired me to be very open-minded. I’ve always had a passion for music since the age of 2 receiving my first drum set,” he shared. “ I hope that my music career keeps taking off and my creativity improves. The message behind this song is to stay focused on any goal you set your mind to.”

Make sure to check out Jaytovxn’s new video “Beat Down Yo Block “ below.