Beat Da Pot – [DTE Lil DayDay]

Orlando’s youngest doing it DTE Lil DayDay has gone viral simply for shock value several times now because of his young age but his latest visual for “Beat Da Pot” is easily his best musical work yet as he skates all over the tragically short track, flexing beyond his years and doing this that kids his age should never have to be exposed to but nonetheless DTE Lil DayDay has prevailed and not just kept living to tell the tale but to pop his shit while doing it. While many rappers his age are popularly merely as memes there is obviously limitless potential with DayDay as his twangy accent could literally not be any more perfect to turn up over a bouncy Florida instrumental. I am really excited for what else DTE Lil DayDay has in store and am looking forward to watching him mature release by release.