BEAM – [Reece]

As the R&B genre continues to boom with new and inspiring voices, one name is an absolute must to add to your list. Reece, a Virginia native, and truly talented vocalist appears to be finding a stride as he continues to marry his impressive vocal ability with stimulating production that utterly compliments his dynamic range of sound. His latest release, a two-pack of songs featuring “Beam” and the previously released single, “K,” highlights the duality of his personality and shifting sonic ability. Although some of his previous work has found Reece gripping the airy space created by slowed, minimalist production his latest release shows his ability to not only address records with vulnerability and melancholy sentiments but with unwavering confidence and spirit.

“Due to the current state of the world, naturally, I’ve been sad. So I did what I do when I’m sad – dyed my hair, put on my nicest clothes, sat down, and wrote a song. 30 minutes later “BEAM” was born. It’s just about feeling fly as fuck.”

Listen to the two-pack release, BEAM, by Reece below.