Beam Part 2 – [Payday] ft. [Jackboy]

Although it’s still quite early on in her career, Payday has been making some unignorable moves in recent memory. She has a very smooth, nonchalant cadence that comes off as playful and almost elementary at times in all the best possible ways, and her uniqueness, when compared to other counterparts in the music world, has stood out to fans all over the country. Obviously, if you’re familiar with Payday’s plethora of hits, her most notable song is most likely “Beam”, a jazzy, lighthearted offering that is probably her biggest hit to date.

Although this might not be my personal favorite song by Payday, it’s still an undeniable success that fans have eaten up, and when I saw that she was teaming up with Florida’s own Jackboy for a remix to the record, I couldn’t help but tune in as soon as it dropped. While I love the remix without a doubt, I was even more excited to see the Mikey Rare-directed music video, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all as well. Opening up in an arcade of some sort after hours, a janitor is cleaning the place as flashes of Payday cruising around on her skateboard begin to frighten him considering he doesn’t know exactly who it is.

As she pulls up to a crane machine, the song begins and Jackboy meets up with her as colors and strings of tickets cover the floor. Moving on throughout the track, the two artists take advantage of all the different amenities within the arcade like bumper cars, laser tag, and more, living out any child’s dream. Out of all the incredible shots, though, my favorite has to be when Payday is shown laying in a pile of stuffed animals inside the crane machine looking as if she is one of the prizes you could win as well as a variety of other little toys.

Payday might still be rising through the ranks of the music scene, but she’s making so many correct moves that it’s almost impossible not to know who she is at this point. Obviously, Jackboy is a huge feature that not just anyone can lock-in, but she was also featured on iLoveMakonnen’s latest surprise album My Parade on the project’s standout cut “Whoopsy”, so it goes without saying that she’s setting herself up for some major success moving forward. Payday is definitely one of the most fun artists to watch and has been for as long as I’ve known about her, so make sure you tap in and check out her latest release “Beam Part 2” featuring Jackboy.