Beach House – [6 Dogs] ft. [RIZ LA VIE]

6 Dogs has and always will be a trendsetter no matter who you ask. He has shaped the underground music scene into what it is today no matter what some may say, and without him, music in general just simply wouldn’t be the same. Although unfortunately, his physical presence might no longer be with us here on Earth, his spirit was such a beacon of light and joy that it will continue to live on within each and every single person who has been touched by his music, and for that, I think I speak for everyone when I say how thankful I am for that.

While his upcoming album RONALD is set to release a week from today, his team is doing an unbelievable job of rolling it out, gifting us with some incredible singles and visuals in order to get the anticipation to all-time heights. Most recently, the lead single from the album “Beach House” was dropped in our laps, and it was yet another incredible addition to the legacy that Chase has created for himself. Recruiting RIZ LA VIE for a guest spot, the duo takes turns bringing some positivity to the party as they dream of taking a vacation to a beach house in some tropical destination. Daniel Hartzog produced this single just like the last one, this time including some psychedelic synths or bass strums of some sort along with concise percussion and resounding 808s that give 6 and RIZ a much more intense Trap foundation than normal, even though they still find opportunities to lighten the mood and make sure things don’t get too heavy.

In the Cody LaPlant-directed music video, the two artists find themselves in the storyline they dream of within the lyrics of the song, hanging out in a room that overlooks a bright, sunny beach. While inside, they seem to be typing up some sort of script that might have something to do with the dapperly dressed sea monster that makes a few cameos throughout the visual. In between writing and doing research on the mysterious creature, the two artists find themselves spraying champagne in the sand before making their way under a pier where they continue to recite their lyrics in such a lively, effervescent fashion. Finally, bringing things full circle, the sea monster joins them on the beach for the party, dancing along and proving that they had nothing to worry about when it comes to the enigmatic creature.

In a press release that came along with the new song and video, it turns out that this record was written during the pandemic which makes so much sense. It’s so relatable because while everyone seemed so secluded and closed off from society, I think it goes without saying that most of us dreamed of escaping to a picturesque beach somewhere warm and sunny. Luckily, 6 and RIZ made this dream a reality and made the most of the situation, even if the song itself was written during a time of separation and isolation. Words can’t explain how excited I am for RONALD to come out in a week, but I already know it’s going to be an absolute spectacle that 6 Dogs was beyond proud of, so make sure you have your calendars marked for March 12th, and you might want to even presave the album just to make sure you don’t forget!