BBY GOYARD adds to his mystique with “CURSEDLIFE.”

Born on October 28th, BBY GOYARD has always had a special connection with Halloween, a season of mystery and enchantment. This year, he chose the eeriest of dates, Friday the 13th, to release his latest single, “CURSEDLIFE,” and an accompanying horror-inspired music video that leaves viewers in a state of mesmerizing unease.

Continuing the tradition of Halloween rollouts, “CURSEDLIFE” is a masterfully eerie creation that cements BBY GOYARD’s place as a unique and enigmatic artist. The horror-inspired music video, an interpretation of the cult classic “Begotten,” directed by BBY GOYARD himself and produced by Very Rare Cinema, is an artistic masterpiece that sets a new standard for the medium. I’m not a horror film lover but this one had me locked in.

BBY GOYARD’s unique style has captivated audiences for years, establishing him with a dedicated cultlike following in the music industry. Last year, his “4THWALL” LP and the accompanying horror short film marked a significant success, charting as high as #4 on the U.S. TikTok Charts. His hit single, “VETTE SUM (SHANNONGRAM),” led him to his second TikTok hit and a 10-city headlining tour.

BBY GOYARD’s versatility and creativity were on display during his recent freestyle on Gabe P.’s “On The Radar,” further solidifying his place in the hearts of his day-one fans. With “CURSEDLIFE” as the kickoff, BBY GOYARD’s Halloween season promises to be spine-chilling and electrifying. His “Shannon’s SPIRIT Mixtape,” scheduled to drop on October 27th, ensures that his journey continues.

Watch and listen to “CURSEDLIFE” here: