BB – [Keshore] ft. [Sad Frosty] & [DC the Don]

Keshore has rapidly become one of my favorite artists over the past few months, and that’s saying a lot considering most of my other favorites have been people who I’ve listened to for years, at this point. While I know he has been making waves in the music scene for quite a few years, it wasn’t until somewhat recently that I finally tuned in, and I’ve been blown away ever since. His versatility Is nothing short of insane and the way that he can go from all-out slappers to introspective, meaningful records is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Not too long ago, he released Sunset Diaries, a project that he clearly poured his heart into, and I don’t think that the results could have turned out any better if he tried. Going from a heavily energetic front half to a much more reflective, self-examining second half, this project shows off a couple of different sides of the rap pioneer, and I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. With only a few features, Ke keeps things to himself relatively easily, but these features are from some massive names, so it’s only going to attract more listeners from different fanbases, and this is going to continue to grow his legacy and solidify his spot in the rap industry once and for all.

While every song is amazing in its own right, “BB” featuring Sad Frosty and DC the Don has to be one of my favorites just because it sounds so unique and out of this world compared to the rest of the project, so I think it was an easy stand-out track on this tape. Luckily, Ke and his two guests teamed up for an amazing Outlaw and 713Bran-directed music video, and I tuned in as soon as I could.

Taking us through a day in the life of these rock stars, they hang out at the park, in different parts of nature, and at a variety of parties, always proving that they’re the life of the function no matter where they’re at. Although they keep things relatively simplistic, a variety of edits are included like an intentional lag from one shot to another or kaleidoscope effects that bring this visual to new heights. Keshore is undeniably someone you need to keep your eye on moving forward, and his live shows look even more insane, making “BB” a video you need in your life sooner rather than later.