BB Benz – [Lom Mazi] ft. [SupremeDae]

Lom Mazi and SupremeDae are proving to be an unstoppable duo with their latest release, “BB Benz”, a bass-heavy and smooth track that showcases the two rappers’ melodic and tuneful voices. Even the video, directed by Tyler B Studios, is a well-shot, entertaining watch that features the two emcees engaging in a string of heists, ultimately getting away with their schemes and celebrating their loot at the end of the video.

From the very first beat drop, “BB Benz” sets the tone for a high-energy track that will have fans nodding their heads along to the instrumental, which KM and Melowithdaheat produced. Mazi and Dae’s playful deliveries add a level of fun to the hit, and their rapid, nimble flows show off their undeniable talents as emcees. The thumping production combined with the effortless melodies creates a dynamic sound that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head, just like it got lodged deep into my mind right off the bat.

The video is a cinematic feast for anyone interested in hip-hop, as Lom takes the lead on various robbery scenarios. When Dae comes in, the duo’s chemistry is palpable, and their undeniable charisma shines through in every shot. The visual’s attention to detail is impressive, with compelling direction and equally entertaining editing that creates an experience of sorts that perfectly complements the track.

Tyler’s direction is a standout aspect of the video, with a clear vision that was executed skillfully, ultimately resulting in a visually appealing and consistent video. The attention to detail in the video just further adds to the experience as a viewer, transporting us into the world of the two emcees and their intriguing adventures.

Overall, “BB Benz” is a standout record from Lom Mazi and the song’s feature SupremeDae, showing off the duo’s undeniable collaborative potential and talent. The accompanying music video definitely adds some exciting support that complements the single’s overall aesthetic. With their intriguing deliveries and quick flows, Lom Mazi and SupremeDae prove once again that they are forces to be reckoned with in the rap game with their brand-new release.