bastard – [glaive]

As we get closer and closer to the release of glaive’s upcoming project All Dogs Go to Heaven, I couldn’t be more excited. His debut project Cyprus Grove is still a project that I revisit on a weekly basis, and I truly don’t believe glaive has ever put out a miss, so I don’t see that streak coming to an end anytime soon. Obviously, glaive has become a good friend of the Lyrical Lemonade family over the past couple of months, and he’s an artist that I think has unlimited potential. Considering he’s still so young and already making some of the best music in the industry, there’s no telling where he’s going to go next, but his upcoming project is definitely going to be one for the ages, without a doubt in my mind.

As he continues to hype up this project, I couldn’t be more excited for some of the singles he has put out, most recently blessing us with his latest release entitled “bastard”. Produced by a slew of friends including delto, Lunamatic, and Whethan, things begin very tranquilly with a nice, touching guitar progression that is quickly met with a beat drop that brings things out of this world. As he comes in, glaive matches this liveliness flawlessly by belting out the hook with every last ounce of energy he has, giving us another chorus that isn’t going to evade our minds anytime soon as I have already found myself humming along out of nowhere after just a day of listening.

When the first verse comes in, the beat simplifies slightly while the addition of some playful xylophone notes complement the beat nicely, giving glaive yet another perfect opportunity to get his point across without having to get too crazy or impassioned, although his natural delivery seems to shine through with every last ounce of his being. Finally, the beat switches up once again with some very grand, soothing synths that provide even more versatility to the track, leading us back into the chorus one more time to truly tie the entire song together and bring things home for an unforgettable finish.

I’ve said it before considering I cover as many glaive releases as possible, but he’s an artist that is just so fun to watch grow and progress within music, and I couldn’t think of a better pioneer of this new, undefined style of music than him. Even at such a young age, he shows this maturity that any music fan can understand and enjoy, and his actions alongside his words just prove that he’s a one-of-a-kind artist that deserves way more shine than he already receives. According to his Twitter, All Dogs Go to Heaven is finished and turned in, and since the cover art is out as well, I can only imagine that this is going to be in our hands sooner than later. Until then, I’m just going to continue cheering him on and looking forward to seeing his performance at the Summer Smash in just a few weeks. So, whether you’re going to be at our incredible festival in August or not, I feel as if it’s essential to check out glaive’s newest single “bastard” as soon as you get the chance.