BASE – [Lil Skies]

There are some artists who come and go in a flash, but then there are others who stick around no matter how much time has passed. While the Soundcloud era brought many talents to the forefront of the hip-hop world, many of them fell off, became memes, or made their impact and dipped, but Lil Skies seems to be an outlier, and I’m honestly super happy about that. At first, I was a big fan of Skies, and the only reason why I really kind of lost track of him at times was the fact that there were so many other artists popping off too.

Nonetheless, I feel like the Pennsylvania-raised talent has stayed relevant, and even if he isn’t constantly in the headlines, his name will pop back up with another all-out banger every few months, and I’m brought right back into the rabbit hole. I feel like that could be the case with his recently released track “BASE” produced by ZERBY and TylerMadeIt.

To begin with, I’m a huge fan of this record as a whole. The instrumental is crazy, Skies’ ability to show off his variability is natural, and the song itself just has the basic qualities that are key to any other heater you can think of. The way he mixes various vocal tones together with his constant energy is just intoxicating, and it’s something he has really gotten better at as his career has progressed.

To make things even better, Skies teamed up with his trusty partner and director Sam McGrath to shoot another cinematic masterpiece as well. This flick seems to show Skies as someone who has extravagant plans to either protect himself from chaos or strategically cause some chaos of his own. While the bulk of the shots are shown in black and white, there are some bright red accents that add a wonderful pop of color.

These things come in the form of red dots aimed at Skies, security footage markers, or facial recognition squares, with each one building on the visual’s theme itself. Lil Skies is one of those talents who just has all the skills necessary to stick around this business for the long haul. I’m beyond grateful that this is the case, and while I’m sure he has plenty more ready to go in the vault, only time will tell what his next move will be!