Barter 7 (Dig Dat) – [LOS KEMET]

Few things within music journalism are more gratifying than watching an artist who you previously covered evolve in front of your very eyes. LOS KEMET is the quintessential example of this as we’ve seen tremendous growth from him time and time again, and to no surprise, he’s continued this trend with his most recent release. Put in Layman’s terms, LOS’ new single, “BARTER 7 (Dig Dat)”,  is a head-knocker if I’ve ever heard one. A smooth, southern rap hip-hop track highlighted by its anthemic hook and soulful ambience, “BARTER 7 (Dig Dat)” stands tall as a record I envision myself spinning back for years to come. Whether it’s the song’s overall atmosphere crafted by some nostalgic keys and in-pocket drums (brought to us by Gutty, Zach Niess, and Lim0), or LOS’ veteran-like delivery – there’s simply too much to love about “BARTER 7 (Dig Dat)” for it not to be a standout record in your rotation. 

Accompanied alongside an official music video that truly couldn’t have fit the mood of the song any better than it did, we see LOS flaunt his visual acumen in a big way with this one. Co-directed by LOS and Thomas G, the pair of talented creatives raised the bar for what we can expect from the Mississippi native moving forward as he delivered a vintage, film-like aesthetic and incorporated everything from Nilla Wafers and wheelchair LOS, to memorable performance shots. A breath of fresh air that serves as an ode to the old school from the new school, LOS is really reinvigorating a classic sound with an imaginative energy and its certainly got my attention. Check it out below!