Barry Hendrixx continues to handle business with his newest single.

St.Louis area artist Barry Hendrixx’s newest song, “Handlin’ Business,” is a perfect example of his ability to blend genres and deliver a unique sound that resonates with fans. The track is an uptempo, emo-pop/rap jam that showcases Hendrixx’s melodic talents. The song’s infectious beat and catchy hook are sure to keep listeners bopping along like I was.

Lyrically, “Handlin’ Business” explores the theme of navigating issues en route to the money, with Hendrixx reflecting on the current distractions of his love life. Though his emotional vulnerability is something his listeners love, this joint leans more into how those emotions affect his day-to-day pursuit of riches. Overall, “Handlin’ Business” is a modern-era hit that highlights Hendrixx’s versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with fans through his relatable lyrics and dynamic sound. This new-age banger is sure to do numbers, as seemingly everything that Barry touches turns to gold.

Check out “Handlin’ Business” below!