Barrio God Vol. 2 – [Doeman]

Our parents typically have such an influence on everything we do as we grow up and develop into the people we are. When I research artists to help with interviews or even just to learn more about them, I always come across the music they grew up listening to with their parents, and I know my taste is heavily inspired by what my mom and dad had played as well. Pretty much from the moment I was born, I was consuming classic rock from bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Van Halen, and so many others, so even when I began to branch out and discover music on my own, these are always bands I come back to and think about when listening to modern music, even if it sounds unlike any of these groups.

Doeman is an artist from Southeast Houston, and his upbringing listening to everything from The Temptations and Sonny Ozuna to DMX, 2Pac, and Big Pun has certainly shaped him into the musician he is today. Aside from this, he was once training to become a professional boxer, and even though a severely unfortunate accident took him out of the ring, I think the disciplined mindset he learned in the brutal sport sticks with him to this day. I bring up both of these things because his brand-new project Barrio God Vol. 2 makes complete sense when you understand his background, and it helped me appreciate the effort in its entirety a whole lot more.

The 11 songs on this album come up just short of 27 minutes long, but each song seems to remind me of a time in music that is considered the “golden age” even with a variety of newly included elements courtesy of Doeman. The instrumentals appear to include soul samples or other nostalgic sounds, but his deliveries are as dynamic and nifty as I could ever imagine as he tiptoes his way through a myriad of different flows that further prove why he is at the top of his class, even while still on the come up.

It just seems like the tenacity and exuberance that he learned in the boxing ring comes out into the mic, and it appears as if he didn’t leave a single page unturned before this project came to a close. Barrio Go Vol. 2 might be the first I’m hearing of Doeman, but it certainly opened my eyes to yet another insanely talented individual coming out of Texas, so make sure you tap in with him if you are looking for something new and exciting that’s also evocative and familiar.