Bares makes his LL debut with “2 PHONES”

I’ve been listening to Bares for over a year now, and it’s been impressive to see just how much his sound has developed in that short time. Discovering your sound is something that can take years for an artist, and with his latest few tracks — specifically his most recent “2 PHONES” — I think he just might’ve found it.

His LL debut, this Wisconsin artist has been meticulously crafting his delivery, combining styles and flows until something popped, which is exactly the case with his recent few tracks. I really started taking notice a couple of months ago with “Treacherous,” a nighttime cruise-type track that reminds me of Night Lovell, and did solid numbers both on YouTube and Spotify. Building off that success with his latest “2 PHONES,” I knew that he’d found the sound that will start to propel his name further into the scene. The instrumental is a beautiful string and key-infused piece that lets Bares’ raw, layered vocals float flawlessly.

This joint just dropped last night, and I’m interested to see what type of numbers and momentum he can build going forward. He’s got a project in the works and an upcoming visual to this track that’ll be released soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, go check out his discography to hear his various sounds, ranging from dark and slowed, to uptempo headbangers.

Check out “2 PHONES” on Spotify below!