Bandz – [Skippa Da Flippa]

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down with one of the most slept on musical entrepreneurs in the game. Previous QC signee, Skippa Da Flippa, is not playing games in 2019.

The Atlanta bred rapper, now living in the heart of Los Angeles, has accomplished a lot this year: Firstly, his song, ‘Swervin,’ was on the 2k19 soundtrack – pretty epic. Secondly, after leaving QC, the rapper has opened his own label, one in which he manages the publishing with an imprint and distribution deal through BMG, and all of the other intricacies of running a label.

One of his biggest, yet least shocking achievements is his latest release, ‘Bandz.’ Something I often mention in my articles is the fact that originality is very rare to come by this day in age. From his flow to his natural ability of coming up with lyrics on the spot, Skippa is an absolute freak in the studio. I watched the man come up with flows I have never heard in my life, put two verses and a hook together, and have a smile on his face while doing so all within 25 minutes. In short, the dude is a legend.

‘Bandz,’ produced by June James, is a flute heavy, bass heavy masterpiece. Inspired by Andre 3000 and Busta Rhymes, the rappers flow is unique from track to track. I asked, ‘How do you come up with these flows on a constant basis?’ His response, ‘I have to, I’m a rapper, bro.’ This is why I consider Skippa to be one of the best in the game at the moment. Not too many artists push themselves to create music that stands out, that pushes the limits. After sitting down and watching the process of how the rapper worked, I was utterly amazed.

Summer is far from over for the CEO and Founder of Havin Entertainment. With his new project, ‘Still Havin 2,’ Skippa will be releasing a new single produced by Murda Beatz titled, ‘Move,’ which will be featuring Young Thug as the second single off of the project.

With so much in store, I have to say, I think Skippa Da Flippa is about to make a cultural impact not too many of us can fathom.

Words by Barry R