Bandz (Bye Bye Birdie) – [Lil Uzi Vert]

News broke out this morning that Lil Uzi’s phone is reportedly in the hands of a thief, explaining the odd antics & caption’s on his recent Instagram posts. Now, a fresh new offering has surfaced from the young rockstar on DP Beats SoundCloud page titled Bandz (Bye Bye Birdie) following his Playboi Carti-assisted track Bankroll from February. Produced by DP Beats himself, Uzi’s bubbling flows & wordplay coalesced with the chiming production in which he preached on swerving foreigns, taking out the rat’s and watching his back now he’s secured a reasonably-sized bag. It’s not certain whether the new Uzi tracks are leading us into a forthcoming project, but with the number of singles dropping as of late it’s really not a problem whether a tape is on the way or not. Also, when DP’s on the beat, you already know it’s going to be a hit. Be sure to let Bandz (Bye Bye Birdie) ring through your system and here’s hoping Uzi get’s his phone back sooner than later.