“Bands on You” – [Byron Juane]

Byron Juane’s newest release shows precisely why his name’s been buzzing. Raw vocals and natural melody start from the first line and continue throughout, portraying the authentic R&B feel that his listeners have come to love. “Bands On You” comes following his recent successful track “Obsessed,” (featuring Dee Gatti and Bairi), which was the first I’d heard of Bryon. If this is the kind of sound listeners can expect consistently, there’s no telling how far the sound can go. A new twist on a classic sound, Byron delivers to a wide audience, fans of old and new R&B alike.

In the current world full of independence and self-expression, it’s refreshing to hear something like this in which the partner comes first. In seeing the recent success, Byron looks to increase the number of releases and keep building on an already solid core fanbase. Listen to “Bands On You” on Spotify below!