Banana – [28AV] ft. [Lil Mosey] & [Souf Souf]

Prior to a few days ago, I was completely unaware of 28AV, but I’m glad I was tipped off and introduced to his music. What caught my attention, in all honesty, was the fact that he got Lil Mosey on a track as well as an accompanying music video. It definitely helps that they’re both from Seattle, so they have that connection, but it’s definitely a noteworthy relationship to have regardless. Clearly, Mosey has created a reputation for being an absolute hitmaker, so their latest track “Banana”, which also features a local Seattle duo known as Souf Souf, was a must-listen for me.

On this hit, the beat begins with appealing, meaningful strings being plucked before soon being met by some crisp, consistent percussion and booming drums that truly pave the way for a summer anthem. Mosey takes the leadoff spot, which is probably a smart move considering he’ll draw people in right off the bat and make sure this song gets started off on a high note, even though I think any of the talents on this song would have done just as well. His bubbly delivery is steady and catchy as his voice takes us up and down a wave of different tones that add up to an incredible melody. To end his verse, he raises the pitch of his voice much higher than anywhere else previously in this portion, ending on a high note once again before getting right into his infectious hook.

Unsurprisingly, this chorus is as catchy and attractive as ever, and Mosey makes sure that not only his words but also the notes he sings will get stuck in your head for days to come. 28AV comes in next, utilizing some similar vocal effects but makes sure that they don’t drown out the somewhat naturally gritty sound that is present within his voice. His personality shines through within his delivery, showing that he knows how to have fun but he’s also not someone you want on your bad side, which is an interesting combination that isn’t usually easily conveyed by other artists. G Baby of Souf Souf comes in to begin the third verse with some higher-pitched vocals that are sung in such an appealing fashion right before his counterpart, Shotta Pistol, takes over and carries on a similarly addicting flow, just in a bit lower of a pitch prior to Mosey showing us out with one more final hook.

The visual takes us to a tropical cabana of some sort where there are countless lovely ladies walking around in bikinis and hanging out around the pool. Obviously, because it’s the name of the song, there are a plethora of bananas that can be seen in abundance throughout, making sure that you’re not going to forget the title of the track. One scene shows the artists with a group of people hanging out in and around a car out front as they smoke blunts and dance around, reciting their lyrics the whole time. Another setting is right next to the pool as they also dance around and spit their bars, this time being surrounded by all of the women who are dancing right along with them. One more main scene shows 28AV in some sort of grand sunroom inside the house where he can be seen wearing a colorful shirt and Chunky Dunky Nike SB sneakers that match his vibrant tattoos, contributing to his animated personality as well. There are really no effects used whatsoever, but the reoccurring theme of bananas along with the lively settings and party atmosphere truly adds some appealing qualities to the music video without a doubt.

After listening to this track, there’s absolutely no denying that this needs to be added to any summer playlist whether you’re at a pool party, a barbecue, or just vibing out with some friends. The melodies are addicting, and it proves once again that Lil Mosey can’t miss. I think 28AV does a great job of somewhat grounding this offering with his more punitive delivery because as much as I love the autotune singing if every single artist on this track used that style, I think I would have gotten sick of it, so his vocals were a nice breath of fresh air. Honestly, the Souf Souf duo surprised me more than anyone else which I wasn’t expecting. I had never heard of them before this, but they have such star potential with their flawless flows that they’re definitely going to be on my radar moving forward. “Banana” is the perfect summer song that needs to be played at any function you might be attending moving forward, so be sure to check it out as soon as you get a chance.