Baltimore’s Gidi Unveils Captivating “BODYCRY” Visual

Although I’m usually not one to cover both the video and song for a release separately, today marks a special occasion as the Baltimore-native and rising r&b star, Gidi, raises the bar for what we can expect from him moving forward. Continuing on the hot streak that first started when he dropped “CHAINS” with Merlyn Wood and SoGone SoFlexy last October, Gidi applied the pressure yet again in mid-April where we heard quite possibly his most convincing and experimental single to date, “BODYCRY”. Flexing his visual acumen once more, just the other week Gidi unveiled the new “BODYCRY” visual and there was no question in my mind that I had to do it justice on the Lyrical site today. 

In the video we see Gidi take on the character of “Cobalt” who first enters the frame by himself before panning to model, Alice Lauren, who takes on the persona of Mary Ann Pikes. Almost instantly, Cobalt (Gidi) begins to show his affinity for Mary Ann as the two hit it off throughout the majority of the video with intimate beach scenes and more. As the video progresses, you can tell that Cobalt’s mind seems to get away from him a bit as he becomes engulfed in ideas of the two’s encounter and his love turns into an obsession.

Perfectly in line with what we’ve come to expect from Gidi, we see him shine as a storyteller and director in the visual as the L.A.-based creative has never fallen short with respect to his level of intention. Adding another gem to his CANDYCOAT portfolio of creative work, the coloring on the visual is futuristic and tasteful, and really sends this visual over the top to make for yet another exceptional display of Gidi’s many talents. Calling on fellow-collaborator Sean Russo and production company, Somethin’ Good, to help co-edit and DP the video, the two visionaries came together and made a video that will leave a lasting impression on any viewers until we hear from Gidi again.