Balance – [Earl Sweatshirt feat. Knxwledge]

Rap as a genre has been speedracing this year: yes. It’s been a truly fast-paced time, no one can deny that high energy is the trend and that bangers have become the staple. But sometimes you need something a little hazier, you need a song that can just put you in a hypnotic ease.

It’s all about balance.

Halfway through their series of free singles, Adult Swim drops this dreamer of a track by Earl Sweatshirt and West coast beatsmith Knxwledge. Over the murky and heavenly instrumental from Knxwledge, Earl effortlessly lets us into his head. He hits everything with a calm accuracy, his internal problems, his relationships, his thoughts on his race (“Focused so I know my skin tone is a cliff/ We on the edge and they hopin’ we slip”).

It’s melancholy, it’s dreamy, and it’s way too good of a song from such a fitting duo to be so short. Knxwledge’s “Nx Worries” duo project with Anderson .Paak is said to be in the works, so eyes out for that. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Mr. Sweatshirt soon, its just necessary. Keep “Balance” on loop down low, and check out another dope Joey Purp track from the Adult Swim series.