Balance – [Danny Wolf] [Callahan] & []

Danny Hoodrich is running a full court press on the producer game right now with a seemingly endless supply of hits attached to his name. Currently, he is in the midst of his Wolf Wednesdays song series in which he blesses fans with a new song every Wednesday, and this week we received an incredible collaboration between Wolf and Lyrical Lemonade-favorite,, titled “Balance”. This track features production from Callahan along with Wolf himself, and by way of relaxed melodies and booming 808s, a perfect atmosphere is provided for Warhol to do what he does best and spaz over. Choosing Warhol for this track was a spectacular¬†pick and with the way that he and Hoodrich are able to work so well together, I would be beyond excited to see more collaborations between these two rising stars in the near future. For now, tune into Wolf Wednesdays every Wednesday and check out the hard-hitting new track, “Balance”, below.