Bakkwoods – [9lokknine]

9lokknine is by far one of my favorite talents coming out of Florida. You can tell he’s talented and unique the moment you hear his music, but he also knows how to have fun and keep things fresh which can be a struggle for some rappers in the industry. His Florida drawl has had him compared to Kodak Black, and although this comparison is valid when it comes to their sounds, they’re two autonomous artists making their own distinct moves.

9lokknine is back and better than ever with his latest song and accompanying video for “Bakkwoods”. The song itself boasts jarring 808’s and other rapid percussion that is something new and uncharacteristic of the artist, but he absolutely smashes it. There are spurts throughout the track that just flow so well together and it seems like he might not even be breathing, which is always extraordinary when a verse can sound as smooth at 9lokk’s. The visual is simple but appealing, drawing inspiration from some classic rap videos with a few tweaks. The setting is mainly in an apartment complex as well as in front of a brick wall that has graffiti-strewn about, and this allows for 9lokknine to flaunt his style and flair.

One part that I just found particularly enticing was later on in the song as the camera moves underneath a stairwell, leaving 9lokknine and coming back to him on the other side of the steps. As the camera does this, the vocals sort of drown out as he leaves the picture and clear up again as he comes back into focus, which was an interesting and distinctive way to connect the video with the music itself. Overall, 9lokknine absolutely killed it on “Bakkwoods”, and the visual was a seamless accent for the single. Definitely tune into the terrific song and video as soon as you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams