Baguetti – [Smino] x [J.I.D] & [Kenny Beats]

There are very few artists, who aren’t in a group or collective with each other, that come together and just simply click with one another quite as Smino and J.I.D do. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that they both have similar sounds or styles, or maybe it’s due to the fact that they seem to give it their all every time they write a verse by utilizing a plethora of different wordplays and deliveries that make them stand out amongst everyone else in the industry. When they have gotten together in the past, it’s almost like a friendly competition to try and one-up one another and challenge the other artist to make sure they bring their A-game, which is always the case for both of them regardless. As for Kenny Beats, he just has this rare ability to form connections and relationships with everyone he truly wants to work with, and he understands their strengths so well that he’s able to exploit these traits and bring the best out in every artist he comes in contact with.

Out of nowhere yesterday, the trio took to Twitter to announce the release of their brand-new song “Baguetti”, and I couldn’t have gotten any more excited. I was especially anticipatory of the fact that I had no clue what to expect because these artists are so dynamic, it could have been an absolute banger or a buoyant ballad, which is what it definitely leaned towards after giving it a listen for the first time. As far as the beat is concerned, Kenny creates an incredibly resilient melody with some interesting guitar riffs that couple with the crisp percussive elements and poignant drums in a flawless manner. Usually, Smino and J.I.D can go off even with a subpar beat, but Kenny made sure to set them up for success with this wonderful instrumental. J.I.D comes in right before the beat drops, getting an eager head start to begin spitting his bars. His voice comes off as calm and soft as if he’s unaffected by the world around him. Considering the peaceful nature of the production, this delivery is a seamless pairing that just works incredibly.

Smino comes in for a brief moment, singing with heavy autotune that is affecting multiple layers of his voice. These layers include a pitched-down level as well as a higher tone, making him sound almost robotic in the most intriguing way. After this portion, his verse actually begins, and he goes crazy. His bars are spoken in such an intricate, hasty fashion, but his disposition makes it appear as if he’s not even trying. Additionally, he gets more enthusiastic and animated with certain lines, truly showing off his addicting and vivid personality. J.I.D follows suit in an additionally eye-popping manner, spitting words faster than I thought was even possible but doing so as if he could do this in his sleep if he was put up to the challenge. His vocal inflections also switch up to show off his persona as well, and there are even portions that pitch his voice up or down for brief moments to bring an even more appealing sound to the table. As both rappers share their abundance of insane skills on a mic, they get into topics like relationships, God, the stresses they’ve faced throughout their lives, and a myriad of other things that are touched on throughout their amazing verses.

It’s absolutely insane to me how well these two artists can rap, and I’m not sure how I get caught off guard every single time. I know that I should go in expecting top-notch bars within every offering they deliver, but I’m never ready for the outcome considering it manages to blow me away constantly. The change of styles and deliveries from the chorus to the verses is absolutely incredible and the hooks seem to serve the purpose of being a breath of fresh air before one of the two rappers comes in and takes your breath away once again with their verse. Kenny is usually humble when it comes to his contributions it seems, but he did everything in his power to give these two talents the trajectory to make a hit with the instrumental itself, so he’s just as responsible for this track’s remarkable outcome. In my opinion, “Baguetti” might be one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while, so stop whatever you’re doing and tune in immediately to find out why I’m such a fan of this single.