Bad Side – [Natalie Carr]

Pop songbird Natalie Carr shows off her potential drops her debut single “Bad Side.” Being a huge music nerd I try to listen to as much music as I can in a never-ending search to finding who is next. During that search one day I ran across Carr on an Instagram story from someone I follow and decided to go listen to her music. When I first played “Bad Side” I wasn’t completely blown away, but Natalie left me with an impression that I couldn’t ignore. Her songwriting was really impressive for this to be her first single. After digging deeper and having a conversation with Natalie and her team they’ve been working on developing something special behind the scenes. Producer and songwriter Firtz On Da Track who has been a key force behind the boards with the production on a lot of DaBaby’s hit singles. Natalie and her team will continue to push her sound to new heights when what she has in the vault and it should only be a matter of time before pop and r&b fans start catching on.

Stream Natalie Carr’s single “Bad Side” below.