Bad Habits – [Kacey Parks] feat. [Sling]

When you think of music hubs throughout the world, South Florida probably isn’t the number one location that comes to mind; but for some time now, a group of very talented individuals have set out to change that. Today is a special day on our lyrical lemonade pages as it’s my pleasure to introduce y’all to Backhouse Music.

What started off as a collective of Florida creatives and artists has quickly spiraled into a well oiled machine that is becoming the face of the South Florida music scene. Pioneered by “The Godfather”, Sean C. McCann Jr. AKA Slyte, the vision of Backhouse was to gather a group of talented individuals in that area and make great art. Over the past years, that vision has definitely come to fruition. So much so that Sean decided to turn this collective into a record label that handles just about everything one needs to be successful in this industry. It’s always instant respect when you see a group of people turn nothing into something and that’s exactly what you get when you check out Backhouse.

Today, the label released a brand new song by Kacey Parks entitled “Bad Habits”. This high octane track will definitely get you on your feet vibing. The production is simply amazing which makes room for the lyrical mastery that is going on through the verses. This track also feature local Florida artist named Sling. The inclusion of his distinct style really adds an extra layer of originality to this really cool piece.

I’ve attached to Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!