Bad For You – [Lil Tracy]

At 23 years old, Lil Tracy’s lived a life that extends far past what many have experienced at his age. With 2019 marking a sort of new beginning for the Virginia-raised artist, Lil Tracy’s rebirth continues with a new video for his song “Bad For You”.

Tracy’s ability to blend punk and trap in a way that speaks to his personal influences and experiences has always been a standout skill of his, and on “Bad For You”, he evokes that viral quality of his music with precision. In the song itself, Tracy’s nihilistic nature comes through in the form of angsty melodies and lyrics that chronicle a toxic but addictive relationship. The video matches the bubblegum pink-colored lawlessness of “Bad For You” just as precisely, as director Mezzy (@getmezzy) captures Tracy among demonic bunny rabbits, goth clad models, and fiery visual effects. “Bad For You” is Lil Tracy at his most Lil Tracy, and in the process of staying true to himself, he delivers a hauntingly mesmerizing video.