Bad B*tch Blues – [Chase Alex]

Given the current climate of music, genreless songs – or those that sit in the sweet spot right between genres – are in high demand. People aren’t concerned with categories anymore, and quite frankly, if you can make them dance or sing along, genre isn’t a concern anyway. More important is the ability of a song to stick, which is just what we have with Chicago artist Chase Alex’s brand new single, “Bad B*tch Blues,” produced by LAN Party.

Just over 2 minutes in length, “Bad B*tch Blues” is the kind of in-between-genres earworm that it feels like everyone is looking for right now. The vocals sits atop rejuvenating, slightly left-of-center production which makes for that “cool” kind of texture, while the home-run of a hook brings this one full circle, spearheaded by Alex’s infectious lyricism, particularly on the hook. Pair these elements together, and you have a hell of a song, and one that doesn’t just peak your attention, but keeps you coming back, singing the tune in your head all day.

Needless to say, Chase Alex and LAN Party did their thing here – show some leave and stream the track on Spotify below!

Production and Additional Vocals by LAN Party