Backseat – [NNAMDï] & [Lynyn]

The city of Chicago’s dexterous and diverse music scene is something that never fails to impress me, and the artists who are all contributing to this mixture are countless. Out of everyone in the city making music right now, NNAMDï is probably one of my favorites, and that’s not very hard for me to admit whatsoever. I first heard about him when putting together our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2020 list with his album BRAT, but that was just the beginning of my admiration of the unique musician.

He can mix so many different genres and sounds together with ease, and I am never not impressed with this hip-hop innovator, so I can’t hold back my excitement when it comes to his upcoming EP Are You Happy, which is set to drop this Friday, November 12th. Instead of handling the production on this project like he normally does, he leaned on electronic artist Lynyn to handle the instrumentals, and if his brand-new single “Backseat” has anything to say about what we can expect, it should truly get fans excited.

In this track, energetic, mystifying synths are mixed with plucky percussive elements and bouncy drums, paving a lighthearted, entertaining path for the Chicago artist to do his thing. When he begins, he shows off his deep, soothing vocals with some honest, humble lines that are accentuated by his higher-pitched, sung ad-libs that provide a bit more enthusiasm and character to the offering.

As he moves on, he begins to sing, stretch his words, and rotate through all of the very remarkable skills he has showcased in the past, fully encompassing a few of the many aptitudes he has, executing each skill with ease and elegance. NNAMDï is an artist I can’t help but get excited about, and “Backseat” will prove my point to a tee, making it a track you need to tune into before Are You Happy is in our hands at the end of this week.