Back2Back – [Farrahgamo] [Frais]

Charlotte duo Farrahgamo and Frais team up and drop an uptempo record and visuals for “Back2Back.” Some people just have a certain star quality or personality that draws people and fans to them. Farrahgamo is exactly that from what I’ve seen early on. What’s impressive about her is that she literally went from being an exotic dancer to rapper in pretty much the last year. Of course, she’s still really raw but she’s a real natural as far as her flow cadence and ability to command attention on a record. Frais is a Charlotte veteran who has been on the scene and people’s radar for some time now. He’s looking to build off of a strong showing last year to see if he can take that next step in his career. “Back2Back” fits the vibe of the sound that’s coming from a lot of Detroit rappers, which I’m not too big of a fan of but this record, in particular, stood out for me.

Watch Farrahgamo and Frais go back and forth in the visuals for “Back2Back” after the break.