BACK ON TRACK – [O2worldwide]

If you haven’t taken the time to get into the music of O2worldwide yet, you really have to question what you are doing with your life. The Oklahoma City-based collective consists of 16 members that all bring something beautiful to the table. It’s been 2 years since O2’s last full-length project was released and since that time, they have developed their sound as a whole. They have been teasing the release of their full-length project BACK ON TRACK for some time, with their fans waiting patiently for new music the group has finally released an album that is timed perfectly as brighter days look to bring us all back to the path we were on prior to this stupid pandemic struck a year ago.

O2worldwide is comprised of members who almost all are fresh out of High School, while they are young their sound is timeless beyond their years. What stands out above all when listening to this album in its intended order is how the tracklist transitions seamlessly from song to song, the attention to detail that went into crafting the project is evident. Once you press play on the intro “TOO SOON”, you are locked in for a jazzy, witty, and well-crafted body of work from a group that’s just having fun with it.

Some of the members you’ll hear most frequently on this project are Ombachi and TheDarkSkinRapper, both are incredibly inventive emcees and founded the group in 2018. Their lyricism is unavoidable on the cypher cut “WHIPLASH” which also features lethal verses from Alley Coop and Daniel Thaddeus. “ALL BLACK” is another energetic track that has Ombachi, TheDarkSkinRapper, Alley Coop, and Keshun Maddox trading verses in an anthemic song that will sound amazing when live shows return. The group is at its best when members build off each other’s energy and make the chemistry they exude in their music seem effortless.

There are all sorts of vibes on this project, “NO1” is a laidback track that centers around a complicated relationship as a young person. The track features Yungddos, James Joyce, and Lena, the group’s sole female member who adds an amazing layer to the amazing verses from two of O2’s best bar spitters. “GOSPEL” uses an amazing sample to create an upbeat, energetic song that is sure to grab your attention while playing through the tracklist.

This album also serves as a small sampling of Alley Coop’s various talents.  Not only does he provide world-class verses and production, but his singing is what makes him an artist destined for greatness. Coop and Ombachi team up for one of my favorites on the entire project, the beautiful ballad that is “IN2U”. Ombachi also has several shining moments all over this project serving as the main producer and engineer of O2’s sound. Additional production on the project came from RT, Alley Coop, brokebwoy, and Bailey Daniel, showing that this really is a family affair with the entire album being almost completely created by O2 members from start to finish.

What makes me love this project is that it keeps you engaged the whole time and is one that will most certainly have several plays in full throughout the year. With careful use of soul samples and that makes this group seems like they could have come up in the ’90s but their fresh perspective makes this something new entirely. No matter what kind of music you’re into, there is a song on BACK ON TRACK for you, take time to listen to this one in full and let it soundtrack many good times ahead in 2021!

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