Back on Road – [Icewear Vezzo]

If you think back just a handful of months ago to 2022, there were certainly some artists that I covered fairly regularly. Icewear Vezzo was one of these emcees, and if you look at any two-week stint throughout the entire year, I bet that you’d have trouble finding a period of time that I didn’t write about a new release from the Michigan talent. I just love the confidence he exudes as well as the nimble flows that he constantly displays. Even if he’s not rapping about world-changing topics all the time, he almost makes you feel like his subject matter is truly that important, so I just find myself compelled by his music more often than not.

What I didn’t realize was the fact that the Detroit phenom hasn’t actually dropped a solo song for the entirety of 2023 thus far, so when I saw that he broke this hiatus with his video single “Back on Road”, I wasn’t about to pass it up. While this record might not be completely out of left field compared to some other records in Vezzo’s discography, that just means it’s a banger like the rest of them.

The hard-hitting, gritty production matches the rapper’s aesthetic and attitude flawlessly, and the same goes for the Counterpoint TV and Diesel Filmz-directed music video. Even though nothing wild or totally different takes place, Vezzo just kicks it with his friends rocking designer clothes and chains while allowing the edits and vibrant colors to take this one to a new dimension. This song is expected to be on Live From the 6, the emcee’s 16th project. I knew that he had religiously dropped so many tracks and albums, but I truly didn’t realize there were this many.

In addition, if the past has anything to say, I think we can probably assume that the number will continue to rise even higher as the year goes on. In my opinion, Icewear Vezzo is certainly one of the most exciting names in the rap world. I’m not sure if “Back on Road” is a warning shot ahead of numerous more releases, but I certainly hope it is because I can never get tired of more new music from the Motor City musician!