Back On My Shit-[Drose]

The last couple of months I have been tuned into the massive rap scene being harbored in northern New Jersey particularly in the Newark area as their young artists have managed to effortlessly blend the classic ‘Jersey-Club’ style of dance music that has been huge in the region since the early-2000’s with the sample-heavy style that NYC-drill artists are presently gravitating to, uniting an area that has been historically overlooked in the vast shadow cast by New York City. The Jersey scene is certainly not only limited to a sprinkling of artists either as dozens are dropping music with consistency both in terms of frequency and sound, each respectively working to hone their own flow while collectively stamping their deliveries as being the framework of ‘Jersey-drill.’ Perhaps the youngest and most compelling rising star is DRose whose youthful charisma and ambitious and mature lyrics show that the Irvington rapper is capable of making a huge splash and aims to put his notoriously dangerous area locally known as “GhostTown” on the map and elevate his friends, many of whom also make music, out of their situations and into a position to strengthen their community. DRose has been prolific over the past year and change, flooding the airwaves with both mixtapes and singles and is already four mixtapes in, most recently with his Face of the Irv, PT. 2 project which released in April. I can’t wait to hear which direction Drose goes in next and think it is only a matter of time before he becomes a household name in New Jersey.