back n forth – [ericdoa]

I know I haven’t been very quiet about my admiration for ericdoa’s music, and I truly don’t see that stopping ever, especially not any time soon. He’s simply one of the most talented guys in the industry, in my opinion, and his versatility, creativity, and all-around inventiveness are the cream of the crop. I know I just wrote about his Shotclock-produced song “back n forth” right at the end of last week, and it has been something that I’ve had playing on repeat ever since. Because of this, you can only imagine just how excited I was when I found out that he decided to release an unbelievable new music video for it that was directed by Oliver Cannon.

When it begins, eric is driving around in his 2008 Hyundai Sonata, and I only know this much detail because of the various messages that pop up and explain the exact situation that is unraveling before your eyes. In addition to the 117,000 miles on it, there is an entire grocery list of problems including a broken a/c, a crack in the sunroof, a broken radio, the fact that it smells like his manager Nick Furci (which could be a good thing depending on how he smells), and about 20 other issues that are making eric fed up with his whip.

After doing some doughnuts in a patch of dirt, the car seems to break down, prompting eric to get out, check under the hood, and see what the problem is. Clearly at his wit’s end, he decides to pick up a sledgehammer, as well as a whole slew of other tools, and completely destroys the vehicle, smashing windows, stomping on the roof, and doing everything in his power to make sure no one will ever drive this clunker ever again. Finally, he goes into the trunk and takes out countless fireworks, insisting on blowing the car up much to the chagrin of the messages saying that they told him that idea is highly unadvisable.

This leads us into the final shot where an entire fireworks display begins to unfold in his rearview, giving us an epic ending to an even more epic music video for this absolutely remarkable hit. I truly don’t think this visual could have turned out any better if he tried, making it something you need to experience for yourself. So, with that being said, make sure you check out the brand-new music video for ericdoa’s awesome song “back n forth”. And if you’re going to the Summer Smash this weekend, be sure to stop by Lenny’s Tent Stage on Sunday to see the insanely talented up-and-comer give an unforgettable performance as well.