Back – [Lil Nei] x [Big Flock]

As I’ve expanded my listening library beyond my typical rotation, DMV artists have become some of my favorites. Distinct deliveries and consistent collabs between artists in the area are just a couple of things that have really stuck with me, and the loyal following and support that the area gives its artists are rare and refreshing.

So is the case with two area stars Lil Nei and Big Flock, and their latest track “Back” shows exactly why they’ve got the DMV jumping. It’s a fiery track that lasts less than two minutes, but really that’s all you’ve got to hear. The song talks about getting back to the paper chase, as Lil Nei boasts a heavy hook that’s sure to have listeners bouncing, and is complemented with an equally raw verse from Big Flock.

The video, directed by HousePartii, starts with a comedic skit that sets up the theme of the song and glides through the rest with seamless transitions and immersive angles that give a rhythm to perfectly match the track.

Check out the visual and single “Back,” which already has reached 30K+ views in just over a week, on YouTube below!