Back at It – [Lil Mosey] ft. [Lil Baby]

It seems like not too long ago, Lil Baby was an up and comer just like Lil Mosey. Although it has been a couple of years and Lil baby has done some absolutely remarkable things throughout his career, he’s still only getting started which is truly a thought that’s just really tough to even fathom. Watching Lil Mosey’s career blossom has been a spectacle as well, as he has taken the industry by storm in ways that not many artists are able to. He has gained a huge fan base in a fairly short amount of time partially due to his addicting personality, his dynamic approaches to different deliveries, and his overall aesthetic that has honestly stuck out to everyone, whether you eventually became a fan or not. At the end of the day, there’s really no way you can actually hate on anything that either Lil Baby or Lil Mosey do, because they’re talented, fun to pay attention to, and just have an aura about themselves that you pretty much have no choice but to take note of.

Although it’s obvious that Lil Baby has been known to be featured on a bunch of different songs regardless of how big or small the artist might be, “Back at It” is the first song that he and Lil Mosey worked on together and it was a hit from its very inception. The production is made up of some very dreamy, bubbly, and spacey synths that are combined with chattering percussion and some very precise, effective drums that work together to create a recipe for yet another hit. Mosey’s hook begins not too long after pressing play and his melodic voice mixed in with some spitfire words pair very well together before he stretches out other portions of his bars in order to really cause this track to fully stick in your brain. Whether you like it or not, the way he sings his lines combined with the simplistic, yet extremely appealing flow just create a chorus that is going to be cemented in your head for hours if not days to come, which is alright with me.

While he might opt for a very slightly less melodic delivery than he has been known to do in some of his other offerings, there’s just a tuneful manner within his voice that is going to stick with him no matter what kind of delivery he goes with. Some people may look at this fact as a weakness because it might prevent him from his full potential, but I look at it as a superpower because most artists try so hard to imitate this same sound, and it comes to him in such a natural and authentic way. Beyond this, in his verse, Mosey uses a slightly altered version of his delivery that was originally used in the hook, going with a touch less enthusiasm and instead, testing out some additional quick bars.

He does this for a while but of course, towards the end, he raises the pitch of his voice and sings a bit more than he does previously in the track. When Lil Baby comes in, it almost sounds as if his vocals are offbeat ever so slightly, to begin with, and they don’t sound extremely well mixed either, in all honesty. With this fact being set aside, his flow is a lot less hasty than normal, but it still sounds stern and fairly ruthless regardless. There’s not too much lyrical significance but that’s never something I absolutely need in order to classify a song as a hit or not. While there’s constant flaunts, bars about women and jewelry, and other lines regarding drugs or things of that nature, this song has got to be considered a hit and I think most people would agree after giving it a listen.

After listening to Lil Mosey’s music, there should be no ambiguity around the reasons why he has become such an icon in such a short amount of time. He knows how to make addictive hooks, melodies, and rhyme schemes that all come together and simply linger in your brain for extensive amounts of time, and all of his songs are pretty easy to take in and digest. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the mix on Lil Baby’s vocals and I think the song would be so much better if that situation was figured out and fixed, but no matter what the case may be, I still think this pair came together and made an absolute banger. As Mosey’s price continues to go up, I think we’re going to be seeing him with a lot of larger names in some of his songs which is really exciting to anticipate, and I just can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next. “Back at It” is sure to turn some heads while Lil Mosey and Lil Baby continue to make their way up the ranks of the music industry, so give it a listen and see this duo in action for yourself.