BACK 2 ME (CLUB MIX) – [Lando Ameen]

I first became familiar with Detroit’s Lando Ameen back in 2020 when I was lucky enough to come across his 13-song album, “FOREST COLLECTION”. Filled with underground gems like “BLOOD STONES”, “KAMS REVENGE”, and “POLAROID”, there’s no hiding that “FOREST COLLECTION” is one of my personal favorite projects from an up-and-coming artist over the years. Since its release, we’ve seen a more reserved Ameen on streaming platforms as he’s been taking time to reinvent his sound and seems to have been experimenting quite a bit. In 2021, we heard his ethereal fusion of rap and r&b with “QUIET STORM”, and in 2022 Ameen displayed a wide-range of styles in “EAZY”, “YEAH, WHATEVER”, and “HEAVEN”, but the real question is what does he have in store for us now? 

Fast forward to 2023 and August has been full of surprises from Ameen as he’s delivered two singles and an enthralling new music video in the span of the last 3 weeks. First he dropped off, “LOVERBOYMUSIC”, to kick off the month and now he’s unveiled quite possibly his most innovative record to date, “BACK 2 ME (CLUB MIX)”. Somewhere between Lancey Foux and Bryson Tiller is where you’ll find Lando’s sound in “BACK 2 ME (CLUB MIX)” with the additional influence of dance music as well, and I’ve got to say that it’s left me with nothing but pure excitement about what the future has in store for the Detroit native. Imploring his signature vocal inflections and frequent flow switches to keep your ears perked up at all times, “BACK 2 ME” feels like a fresh breath in direction for Ameen as he steps into a new age of his sound. Pairing this evolved-era of his music with his forward-thinking visual acumen that’s already had us on notice over the past few months, it’s hard to imagine a world where Ameen doesn’t get the flowers he deserves if he keeps dropping songs like, “BACK 2 ME (CLUB MIX)”. 

Be sure to check out Ameen’s “BACK 2 ME (CLUB MIX)” below, along with the music video for his previous single, “LOVERBOYMUSIC”, as these are not going to be records you’ll want to miss!